Best shoe for vball and track training.?


Im currently a sophomore in highschool and play plenty of sports. Currently im looking for some running/ vball shoes. (Track training, my school provides the splikes for competition use) I understand asics are really good at this. But i really dont like their design. they look so I was wondering, if i should go for the Nike Air Max 360, I heard they are very light. But I just want to get a good opinion


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i would go with the nike

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i know i dont lose it i was just playin aroun dick wat ha

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flat sole should be there,because u do lot of jumping work,try with any brand ,get the shoes which you are more comfortsble


I am in both sports, volleyball-any track-nike spikes

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If you can, you should get two different shoes. I suggest Mizuno if you do not like Asics. Mizuno with a rubber yellow gummy sole will be good for volleyball. I just got Mizuno running sneaks for $30 at Bob's. I'm sure if you shop around you can get some good running sneaks too. Find a running website will see the best shoes there.

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