Can yougive me a job right this second?


I play volleyball and after i overhand serve a few times, my shoulder/shoulderblade hurts.What should i do?

no.but u know what i can hire u for 2nite!..what's ur rate?

Im volleyball manager we need posters and chants any ideas!!?

Yes. You can scrub my toilets for $2 each.

What stores carry mizuno?


Strawberry festivile?

no and what kind of question was that

Why in the f***?

sure, can you give me one?

Details in short about volleyball game?

Youcanhaveajobputtingspaces inbetweenmywords.

How do you maintain leather volleyballs? Anyone use oils or sprays?

find some guy tht i like's mail,plz!

How can i do a Floater Serve in volleyball?


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