Can anybody play volleyball? Can someone tell me about it ?

like, how big are th courts how many people on a team, do you have to be able to run fast to play?? and does diving hurt? I'm thinking of maybe trying out b/c i think its fun but i don't know if I'll be good in comparison, im not really that athletic.


Vertical jump?!?

Yes, anyone can play volleyball!! You dont have to be a certain height but that does give you some leverage. So first off, the court is a little smaller than a basketball court. They are 6 people on the team. Speed has nothing to do with it, so if your not that fast, dont worry!! And in my opinion, diving is the best thing! But you have to know what your doing...when you dive i mean!! So yeah!!

What do you like better soccer or volleyball?

i was on the volleyball team in high school.

i dont know the dimensions but theres 6 players on each side and diving doesnt hurt if you do it right

Does anyone play volleyball on a high school team?

Volleyball is an Olympic sport in which two teams separated by a high net use their hands, arms, or (rarely) other parts of their bodies to hit a ball back and forth over the net. Each team is allowed three hits to get the ball over the net to the other team. A point is scored if the ball hits the ground in the opponents' court, if the opponents commit a fault, or if they fail to return the ball properly.

Volleyball gameVolleyball can be a very active sport that can be an excellent source for aerobic exercise. It also helps players improve their hand-eye coordination and the ability to override the instinctive desire to dodge a fast-moving object such as a ball.

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VOLLEYBALL is alot of fun, you will meet alot of people, and it does not matter how people there are in a team. but if you're playing PRO. yes them only a few people on each side. you do not get to run , just jumping. trying to hit the ball. and scoring points. some people take the game very serious. mind you, is just a game. try to have fun.

What is the regulation size for volleyballs for tournament competition?

Volleyball is the worst sport known to mankind. Whenever we had volleyball for p.e. I would tell my parents that i thought I had some sort of version of the ebola virus so I could stay home

Advice on how to backset the vball over.?

the court is real close to 30' x 30' each side, if your playing beach it's smaller 25' x 25'ish

There are various ways to play, indoors usually plays with 6 people, sometime 4.
Beach normally plays with 2 people, but sometimes 4.
I have also played with 3 and 5 players on each side.
Back yard picknicks will have alot more players.

You need to react fast, but not run fast. A court split up by 6 players means each person is required to cover about 4' x 4', so running fast isn't important. but reactin fast is, ( so you wont get hit in the cookies or the mouth.

Diving can hurt, make sure to wear knee pads or you could do permenant damage. I learnt that if you get in postion and read a hitter you will dive alot less. Unfortunatly alot of my high school girls don't dive, out of lack of energy.

You don't have to be athletic to play high school volleyball. Volleyball is real fun to play at every level. Everyone is athletic, if they want to be, try out, and if you don't find it fun, then you can respectively remove yourself from the team, sighting the fact that's it's just not for you.
If you don't try out you will regret it for life.

VollyBall Tryouts? OH NO!?

its awesome!! im on my school volleyball team...there's 6 ppl on the court.divin doesntr hurt b/c you wear knee dont HAVE to run fast but you HAVE to be alert and call the ball and run to it but its never really should try out!!

Where can i play Volleyball?

Since i am an Volleyball player,i know many things about Volleyball.There r 12 players in a team of which 6 play while 6 r substitutes.If u want 2 know more,e-mailme on

In volleyball, how do you get a better vertical?

Volleyball court is 60ft. by 30ft. One side of the volleyball court is 30ft by 30ft. And only six players at a time on the court. Yes, you have to be fast in order to play volleyball becasue it's a fast pace game. For diving I dived every other play if you dive correctly then it won't hurt but if you land on your hip it will hur you. I have never gotten hurt. Dont worry just try out for the team and best of luck to you.

I have vollyball practice for the first time playting i have not practice i have been busy i dont know the rul

in the team they can be many persons. but only 6 persons will play in a game, the coach can make changes during the game. you need to be athletic, but that doesn't have to stop you for join the team. you'll just need practice and take it a little bit more serious than just for fun. or everyone will make fun of you.

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