Can you make someone pay for this?

Okay, so I have these volleyball knee pads ($20) and I lent them to a friend for her tornament. They were in perfect conditon when I gave them to her, they had no dirt, no rips, and no broken elastics. I got them back today, and then have a rip on the knee part, the back is torn, and they are really dirty, the dirt doesnt bother me so much, but what should I do, let it go, or make her buy me new ones .


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I would talk to her about it and say when you lent them they were in perfect condition and you expected them back in perfect condition. Tell her you would like her to replace them, if she refuses dont let her borrow anything. But dont let it ruin your friendship or anything, and when you talk to her be nice about it.

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Never lend out your stuff again. Let her know that you will never lend out your stuff to her. I think she may come around to realizing what she did was wrong and will buy you new pads. If you tell her to pay you will only have a confrontation.

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I would tell her what you said here, " 'MarY', When I lent you my knee pads they were in perfect condition. You gave them back to me torn , damaged, and dirty. Would you want me to treat your belongings like this and not even offer an apology and to replace them?" See what she says. If she lives up to obligation , she will say, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I wasn't thinking, I was still so excited about the game! I will get you a new pair today or tomorrow -- where did you buy them? Or how much $$ do you need to replace them?"
If she doesnt apologise and offer to replace them, you can say, " 'Mary', I spent my hard earned $$ on these & lent them to you in GOOD FAITH. I need a pair of good pads and i must require you to replace them. Either buy me a new pair at _____s or give me $$ so i can go buy a new pair. You of course may keep the ones you damaged as they will work for you for a while. "
If she refuses you have 2 choices: Forget it or Forget her! I would forget her! It wont be the last time she uses you! If she cares nothing about your stuff & how hard you worked for it or how hard your parents worked to buy it, then she is disrespecting you and/or your parents. She's a User and will hurt you worse in the future! Are you that desperate for friends -- I hope not. Give her a chance to do the right thing, be really sweet when you tell her about it and if she doesnt respond sweetly or even if she does and then NEVER gives you a new pair or the $$ -- drop her like a hot potato !!
You could also barrow something she worked hard for or loves and ruin it to teach her a lesson -- then drop her. But that would bring you to her level! Best to write her a note telling her how selfish and thoughtless and unkind she is and dump her.
hopefully she'll be sweet and do the right thing right away ! Let me know! I'm curious. I'm betting she will be snotty about it & give you some big excuse why she shouldnt have to replace them. (I've had this experience! ) There's an OLD SAYING, " NEVER a Barrower or Lender be!" I believe Shakespear said it, so that tells you how long this sort of thing has been going on ! Shakespear lived over 1-thousand yrs ago !!

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When you loan something out for sports use, you should expect some wear and tear. If they were damaged beyond what should be considered normal, then she should have offered to buy new ones. You approaching her could possibly damage a friendship. Which is more valuable to you, the friendship or the knee pads? Be cautious the next time she wants to borrow something. (BTW, Petunia, Shakespeare lived from 1564-1616. Not quite 1000 years ago.)

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Let it go. If they wore out that quickly then they werent good quality. Dont put the blame on your friend cause it may not b her fault. At big 5 they have some good quality Asics kneepads for $10. Dont have her pay and let it go and maybe think twice about lending her stuff again

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you lent them out. that's your fault. but it's not a very good friend if he/she doesnt offer to buy you new ones

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i don't think she did it on purpose

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If she is a good friend, you have to ask yourself if the friendship is worth $20. If so, let it go, and let her keep the knee pads, and just buy yourself a new pair.

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u should lend and not expect 2 get it back ! if she is a good person then she should give u the money on her own !

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I'd never lend her anything again and I would make her buy you new ones! Them are a lot of money!

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hey now, this kinda stuff, prone to wear and tear. after all it's for tournament right? obviously, she would have played all her best for the tournaments and hence the tears and rips. my own knee pads had a hole after just 2-3 trainings and the sponge even started dropping out. if you really wanna go on about it, either you talk to her nicely and ask her about it? if she doesnt want to pay up then forget it! cause i dont think she did it on purpose anyway

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she told you she was playing in a tournament. usuallly tournament games are very intense. so when your friend asked you to borrow knee pads for a tounament you should thought, "you know, these probably won't come back looking brand- new." i'm sorry your knee pads are torn up and dirty, but... what did you expect? on the other hand, if your friend is playing tournament volleyball, SHE SHOULD HAVE HER OWN EQUIPMENT! this is one of those "live and learn" lessons. no, i don't think you should ask your friend to buy you a new pair, you should tell her, nicely, that you didn't appreciate her tearing up your nice knee pads. this time you will have to learn from your mistakes and just go out and buy another pair. you'll have to pay this time, but you'll forever know... never lend out equipment.

hope this helped.

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Well sorry to say, but you lent them to her and she used them and they got ripped...did u think they would still be in perfect condition when you got them back?!? if i ruined them i would have immeadiately bought you new ones, but she doesn't sound like a very good friend... ask her if she will but you knew ones since you lent them to her, if not its your fault... after all you lent them to her.

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