A normal volley ball is consist of how many pices?

a volley call the normal one which we use for domestic maches are generally mand of pices how many they are ?


Volleyball chants for players?

Volleyballs are made with eighteen panels. The old outdoor volleyballs they used to use were called top flight 18 for that reason.

Who is the latest volleyball holder?

18 panels

A throw that is most similar to the throwing a baseball?

18 panels, 3 on each "side", sometimes they are multi-colored and some are just plain white. The outdoor ones usually have one yellow, one blue and one white panel on each "side"

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there are 20 pieces total. 18 pieces that make up the cover, the valve(to pump it up), and the bladder(hold the air)

Do you know how to...?

its pices not pices what is up with that??

Help me to decide?


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