I need a guy who loves me but how would?


Who like this?

Walk forty five miles of barbed wire....QMS

Can somebody tell me like the basics of volleyball?

how would what?

I realy like this boy but he don't know my real age what should i do?

if u r really looking for a true love... jst msg me.. on my yahoo id hot_lollypop_ksa. sure u will get a true love from me.

Best shoe for me?

Just wait for the right guy to come, he will come no matter what ppl think. You can't just expect someone to love you if he isn't in to it. Just give it your best, it couldn't hurt.

How tall is a volleyball net?

Wait until the right guy come up to u them\n take your jump but don't try hard to get.and don't judge a guy by his size just his heart...and the way he treat u
Stay strong!

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