Are there any volleyball shoes you would reccomend?

Recommended volleyball shoes? Brands, styles, ect.


Volleyball tips?

It's been a few years since I was heavily involved with the sport, but I used two brands. Mizzuno and Nike, both of which were very good and supportive. I'd go with Mizzuno slightly over Nike because a) they're more specialized to the sport and b) Nike's tended to run a little smaller and invariably caused some discomfort the first few times you wore them. If you were to go with Nike's, I'd recommend breaking them in practice for about a week before you wore them in a game. Good luck!

I tried out for volleyball and made it. i was on the team last year and its big tradtion to make nicknames.

Avia is a good brand to go with and they are reasonably priced as well. It's always good to go with something with good ankle support. I broke my ankle playing volleyball so don't skimp when it comes to shoes. A good place to shop for VB stuff is Spike Nashbar

What is a volleyball made of?

Asics are good or any crosstraining shoe.

I think Spike Nashbar changed their webpage to

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i always use nike and they work great
if that helps any

Afraid of volleyball?

Mizzuno is what I wore for 8 years, but it also depends on what position you play. In my college career, I played middle and wore volleyball shoes. My coach made the middles, settings and backrow players wear vb shoes and the outside players wear cross trainers. This is because of the different types of support.

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i usually buy tennis or badminton shoes for volleyball...try adidas...

Get better?

I use Mizzuno. They are great shoes, esp. if your hard one your shoes. They hold up well. If you've been playing for a while, or are really serious about playing, I suggest you get the top of the line. They are pricey, but they're worth it if you play often. I personally like the black ones, cause they look better with my black spandex. I also suggest looking into active ankle gaurds. Have fun playing.

Help me with volleyball!?

i have only worn asics and they are amazing. great grip on the floor, affordable (around 65 bucks). should have a selection of them.

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Mizuno is the best! My coach said that they were giving a discount to volleyball players and my coach said it is long-lasting and it is light.

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