Any v. ball players out there who have damaged their knees from playing v. ball? what are you doing about it?


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It depends on the damage. If you have internal problems, you need to get it checked by a doctor or athletic trainer. If it's just bruises or cuts make sure you where knee pads. Some coaches don't like them, but if you have to dive for a ball you need them. If you have cuts and need to keep some type of bandaid on it under your knee pad, it can be hard b/c of sweat. Try putting on the bandaid and then wrapping it in pre-wrap and/or strechy tape. (I don't know the read name, that's what I called it at school)

Overhand help?

a knee brace w knee pads

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wear knee pads.

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i wuz at v-ball camp 3 days ago and i forgot to bring my knee pads and i tripped and scraped it really bad but that's the most damage i've ever gotten u just really need knee pads. y wat happened to u?

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I blew an ACL, MCL and tore the meniscus in my knee playing. Lots of therapy and training have returned the strength and some flexibility to my knee. I often still wear a brace on the knee but it is purely psychological at this point.

If you've damaged your knees, be sure to give them plenty of rest and do whatever physical therapy is prescribed for you.

Good Luck!

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it wasn't v. ball but my sister tore her miniscus playing basketball (which you can also do in v. ball). she had to get surgery on her knee, where a brace and use crutches for a couple of weeks and take physical therapy. her kneee was swollen twice the size!! it was disgusting!

What would you do?

dont play vblall with a bad knee u could injure t more and it would just get worse

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i have played volleyball for 17 years i have all ready had both of my knees replaced and i did wear kneepad when iplayed

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