Beginner volleyball player. Help!?

I have decided to join a volleyball class with my buds . It said we needed to bring KNee pads. Is there a special kind of knee pads I need to bring, or can I just bring like Knee pads for skateboarding/rollerblading etc. what kind of knee pads? Is there a specaial kind? ALso, if you play volleyball, are there any tips you could give? Thanks for all answeres.!


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At your level you want the most basic knee pads (I think they are called bubble knee pads - that's what they look like anyway). You can get them at Wal-mart or Target for about $10.

They have more expensive ones, but for a beginner they are not neccessary and may not even work as well. I have found beginners mostly use theirs to slide on the floor. More advanced players do not want to slide.

Do not use skater pads! The purpose and design is much different.

The most important thing you can do in the class is have fun. It is summer and you are with your friends - enjoy the time. If you decide that you like the sport, you can start looking around for a league and then you can worry about developing the skills a little more.

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Yes, they are SOFT pads. Get them at Dick's sporting goods.

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skating knee pads are too big and hard for volleyball. you want something that wont damage the wood floor in the gym.
general tips - dont just hit the ball across the net, pass it to the front line shooters and let them spike. keep the ball in front of you.

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They are soft - made of cloth - go to any sporting goods place and they should help you. Have good shoes, always move your feet, stay on your toes, don't be afraid to dive for the ball, and just have fun! Volleyball is a fun sport to do!

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Okay, you are a beginner!! Go to your local sporting good store and ask someone to help you with knee pads--ask for volleyball knee pads. There are really 2 kinds--big puffy ones and small flat ones. Go for the small flat ones--they look better on and you can move easier. Tips know the rules before you go so you don't look like an idiot.

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You need soft knee pads. If you can't find the ones for volleyball, look at the ones for wreasling. They work just as well. Nike has soem out, but they normally cost more.

Since your just begining, just have fun with it, but exspect to be a little sore. If your not used to it, volleyball can be hard on your quads. Have fun.

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Go to any sports store... they should have them... Asics is a great brand.

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You can get kneepads at basiacally any store...I suggest academy sports and outdoors.

And about any tips...just make sure you can serve good and pass good.and most of all, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!

Hope I helped and Good Luck!

But most of all, have fun!

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Um, skateboarding/rollerblading knee pads won't work. Just go to like any sporting goods store and they will have them. Nike is a good brand, they hold up well. Tips- Go for the ball and make sure to call it!!

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if u never played vollyball it will be hard but it is so easy.

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you can bring and kind if KNee pads and listen to your coach and team mates thats where your going to learn the most from your team mates

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asics and nike make the best volleyball knee pads. they are totally soft with no plastic on them. THey are typically white or black. you can get them at dicks or any sporting good store for under 25 bucks. For volleyball, always keep your chin up when you dive, i split my chin once cuz i didnt do that.

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While you're only a beginner, you'll find that as you develop as a player, you'll still wear them, but you won't rely on them. A good volleyball player shouldn't be sliding and rolling and diving across gym floors, and you'll learn that over time, you'll time and position everything to the point where you'll rarely ever hit teh floor. Good luck!

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