Athletic scholarship?

ANy good ideas on how to get a full ride athletic scholarship? Like recruting websites or companies??


Serving Help??

Go to:
That's Athletes For A Better Education.
It's not free, but they have a whole recruiting process set up.
They also provide free links to the NCAA and other helpful sites.
They have a very good reputation!
As for advice:
1. Keep your goals in line with your talent. If you're not near UCLA's level, choose schools that you can play at.
2. Get and keep your grades as high a possible. A coach's first question is almost always about academics. They already know you can play!
3. Go to; Find out your high school core course requirements. Visit the "Clearinghouse"
4. Take the SAT as soon and as often as you can. The more you take it, the higher your score will be; Translation, the better academic school you can attend.
5. Fill out your FAFSA Federal aid application, It's free money if you qualify. It's in addition to many athletic scholarships.
6. Fill out your state financial aid forms (Same reason)

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apply to the school of ur interest athletics program theres an apllication that sends ur info to all the skools...depending on the sport ur interested in, ur accomplishments academically and in athletics. Good luck!

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i don't know anything about this kind of thing...but I did get asked for something like this before from some other coach from a team

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Email a coach you're interested and tell him/her about yourself. Also give them a schedule of when and where you will be playing. Then just play your hardest!

Good luck!

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I would also see about visiting the school you wish to attend during the season. See about attending any of the camps they offer.

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