Building a scoreboard?

Volleyball and Horseshoes


Im a server. what should i do?

sounds fun =)

My volleyball team is divided...? The Starters think they are better than everyone else. Please help!?

are you trying to build a score board for either sport?

I would go with wood mounted on a wall and have the slip in numbers like on fast food signs that are outside [the ones that tell the current "deals" ]

How can i get better at vollyball?

Go buy one...

Volleyball Rotation help ASAP?

LOL, I would buy one instead of making one. But I have an idea for you. Buy a notebook with at least 25 pages and has the medal wire conjunction. Cut all pages half in the middle and write numbers from 1 to 25 each page. Find a desktop calendar or another thing standing up and mount/glue the notebook on it. Then a simple flip over scoreboard is done! :)

How come every time i serve i always end up hurting my arm and when i do it hurts for days?

there is only need of a black bord
and write with paint only
team a -------------------- | team b------------------
set1:-- |
set2:-- |
set3:-- |
and u can place a marker type of some thing on the side of the team which is serving

try this kind of a trick

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