Can somebody make up a cheer for the cougar's team?

I'm on the cougar's team and need a cheer. It's a volleyball team so maybe that will help. I need it by November. Thanks so much!


Were was volleyball invented?

How about..
We are the mighty cougars
and we're gonna rock this gym to a
Hey gather around
you're in the cougar's town
We're gonna take (the school's name you're playing against)
And beat them to the ground
Because our teams out of sight
And we don't mess around
So watch out (the school's name you're playing against)
You're in the cougar's town

How is youR hand suppose to look when you serve the volley ball? (the hand you are using to hit the ball with)

Go cougars!

Anyones volleyball team going to nationals in Atlanta?

Hey, look there are the cougars, not a bunch of boo-gars...
We are hungry and on the prawl, spike that ball down and hear our mighty growl...

..its a start

How high is the average volleyball net?

Haha boo-gars. That's funny stuff. Good one 'Chase'.

When was volleyball in tv?

this is a cheer my team does for softball but i bet it would work here also!

there was a little froggie who set upon a log he rooted for the other team what a silly frog he fell into the water and bumped his little head and when he came up again this is what he said!! -----go go cougars go go cougars! go figth win and do it all again!!

What should i wear to my schools witer ball?

well my team does a cheer but we dont have our team name in it, but here it is...
one person asks question and team responds... we do it where we all are in a circle linked arms and jump side to side

our team is what (red hot)
our team is what? (red hot)
our team is r-e-d with a little bit h-o-t
oh baby
r-e-d red, h-o-t
red hot, red hot, red hot... huhhh

Is it gay for guys to play volleyball?

The Cougar Song
Brigham Young University
By Clyde D. Sandgren, '32

Rise all loyal Cougars and hurl your challenge to the foe.
We will fight, day or night, rain or snow.
Loyal, strong, and true
Wear the white and blue.
While we sing, get set to spring.
Come on Cougars it's up to you. Oh!

Rise and shout, the Cougars are out
along the trail to fame and glory.
Rise and shout, our cheers will ring out
As you unfold your victr'y story.

On you go to vanquish the foe for Alma Mater's sons and daughters.
As we join in song, in praise of you, our faith is strong.
We'll raise our colors high in the blue
And cheer our Cougars of BYU

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