Arm strength?

my volleyball season doesnt start till the fall but its spring/summer now and i want to get a better arm for overhed serving...what excersises can i do that will improve my serving and overall volleyball skills


Help please!!!?

small weights, running with small weightswhile pumping your arms, pushups, pullups, small stuff like that.

Personally, I don't have a lot of arm strength, but i have the hardest serve on my team just because i know how to apply it. So i would focus more on your hand placement on the ball and your swing, stance, toss, etc. Because the better you get at those, the better and harder your serve will be.

Good luck with your volleyball team! i hope you kill you competition! =]

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well practice your follow up when you serve. I would recommend you lift some weights, not like 200lbs, but enough to gain some muscles.


I'll know that you'll hear this a lot but you have to practice trying different motions for the overhand serve so when u find you're best on, practice on it, and you'll be invincible!!

For Exercising= try doing arm strengthing excersise, push-ups or weight lifting

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for arm strength, try lifting little weights, push ups, and spiking.that should help

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Work on all different muscles in the arm including triceps and biceps
Start with low weights then increase the # of reps and then continue to increase the weight...
Also squats are very good for vball training and try lifting too
in terms of serving.. get a lot of reps in before tryouts.

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