What is the best way to become a volleyball conditioning specialist?

Question:I coach volleyball at the Jr High level and at the YMCA and I am in the process of starting my own club. I also do volleyball personal training and would like to increase my ability as well as my marketability. I think this type of certification would help.

The USVBA offers a course, but they will not be in my area for at least a year and I cannot afford to travel.


Is it normal for after playing volleyball your arm gets red spots all over it?

It's called Plyometrics
seriously it's what the Olympic athletes use to train! Also Karri Walsh Treanor, Misty May, Karch and Lambert all use it. I know them and omgsh it really helps They totally believe in the program. And it really works!!

Where can i join a volleyball team in Miami, FL?

If you want to get certified, you will have to wait or check in with the state. But I would enjoy your input on personal training. I'm a junior high volleyball player in Illinois and needs tips for the summer. IM me please!! nikki185usa thanks

How do you make a club volleyball team?

Join the National Strength and Conditioning Association. You will learn more reading the articles than you can in other place.

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