Anybody have some fast and easy fundraiser ideas?

my volleyball team wants to get team shoes...and we want to have a fundraiser that way we won't have to pay for the shoes from money out of our any ideas would be great!! thanx


How far should i run if i want to loose weight on my butt and theighs?

Our school dance team made about $1,000 in 2 weeks by going with the Krispy Kreme donuts fundraiser. We had about 10 people on the team and each person sold about 20 boxes or something like that. $6 dollars a box, or 50 cents a donut. It's much more effective to sell the whole box though. They'll most likely buy it.(oh and my math's a little off because not everybody sold what they were supposed to). It works really well though.

Maximum hits in volleyball?

It's the perfect time of year for a car wash, Bake Sale,...

Does anyone have any funny volleyball slogans/sayings to put on a game day t shirt?

you could sale cookie dough for a company i did it turned out very good


t shirts. Oh my goodness, that works so well with moms.

I'm trying out for the volleyball team and i need some advice ? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cae wash bake sale you could maybe sell something at your school

What is the best sport ever?

See's Candy Bars.
Car Washes.
Big garage sale.

I am trying to find where McMillian Middle school is, city?, directions to get there.?

make some handcraft work and set up a stall in the sch to sell it...

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