Am a volleybal player and i wish 2 visit europe 2 play professional .i need help from anyone who can help.?

i just want to play the game outside africa.i am a very good setter, i was told by many coach and for that i will like to try proffesional,especially among a very competative players.please i need someone to help me with details.the travelling expences shall be of 'self sponsor'.i mean i and my parent shall be responsible. all i need is'trials'.


Who knows some really good ace volleyball cheers, or any kind of volleyball cheer??

well if you would like to play in europe then you should get on a "tour team" which is a team that goes around europe playing different pro teams, and if one of those teams see you and like you then they will sign you right there. You would need an agent and here is the only agent i know of for European volleyball . if you would like to come to the states and play here then i would suggest contacting as many NCAA colleges as possible if you feel like you are of the calaber. But outside that there really isn't a whole lot of indoor volleyball in the united states. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Cheers, good luck

I am so nervous and scared!?

work hard and keep practicing your dream will come true

In volleyball, is there a "continuation rule" in any indoor rules? or only beach?

where are you from? I would recommend that you go to a college in America under their several sports scholarship. Try the wide world scholarships fund

Help w/ underhand serve?

keep practicing and never give up. Good luck!!

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