Can anybody tell me some of the volleyball rules?

I'm thinking of trying out 4 the team this year. Even tho I hear they teach u the rules and how 2 play, I wanna already know some of the main rules and not look like as big of an idiot @ tryouts. Can somebody tell me some of the main things I will need 2 know? Is it worth it 2 try out even tho I'm scared I won't make the team?


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You'll never know unless you try, as the saying goes. As for rules and terminology:
- Ace: when a service point is earned when the other team touches the ball only once or misses on the serve
- Dig: defend a spike (stop the spike from hitting the ground)
-Kill: A point from a spike
- Block: preventing a spike from being executed by the other team
- Sideout: gain posession of the ball (meaning, get your team to serve)
- Points/scoring: for JV, there are 3 rounds in one game. You win the game if you win 2/3. Rally scoring, up to 25 in the first two rounds, and if it is a tie 1/1, the third round only goes up to 15 points. In rally scoring, you gain a point if you get aces, kills, or the other team is the first team to let the ball touch the ground
- At the end of the first round, the teams switch court sides.
- Hits: Each team is allowed three hits, the third hit must get the ball to the other side. If you exceed 3 hits, the other side gets a point.
- The same person can't hit the ball twice (consecutively), if so, a point goes to the other side, and so does posession.
- However, if you block a spike, and the ball comes down your side, you are allowed to hit it, and it won't count as a double hit.
- Flip a coin to determine who serves and which side you get.
- You cannot touch the net at any time, but you can play the ball off the net, and it will be legal, as long as it's not the fourth hit
- Your hands need to be closed, and don't ever hit the ball with your palms unless it's a spike.
Well...this is all I have the energy for right now, I hope it helps and good luck with tryouts!

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of couse its worth it! i love volleyball! if the ball hits the line its in,if the ball hits the net on a serve but goes over its called a let serve but counts and u should try to hit it back!, if ur in the back row and you want to spike it dont jump unless ur behind the 10 foot line, and u have to have fun or its not worth playing! if you dont try u never no what would of happened! email me if you have ne more questions ill be happy to answer them 4 u!

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don't lift-which is where you lift the ball...this usually occurs while setting.
if you don't like your toss on your serve, let it drop, dont catch it.
try out, you might as well, you'll never know if you will make it if you dont try out

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there is a lot of good advise there. Do your best, have fun and don't worry about making the team. Just worry about what you can control..your effort

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Check out this website, and then select the rules that you are looking for...
Good luck.and don't worry, volleyball is one of the best sports around!

You need to know your to the coach ahead of time...find out what they are looking for in a player...this will be the most help to you.

Good Luck!!

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That is awsome volleyball is so much fun! well 1. The ball can't hit the floor. 2. 3 hits u can have less but no more than 3. 3. there is 3 hits Bump...Set...Spike! 4. There are 6 ppl on the court at a time. 5.There is outside hitters, middle hitters, & setters. That is pretty much the basics.

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GO FOR IT! If you don't make it, ask the coach what you can improve on then work on it, watch the team practice, watch games, etc. If you don't make it, you can even ask the coach to see if they'll allow you to practice with them so you can get the jist of it for next year.

For rules, there are some websites you can go to.

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Well i am an excellent volleyball player and i would love to tell you some of the rules.
1. You have to have six players on the floor at all times.
2. Whoever serves the ball and hits outside of the line on the other side the other team gets the point not the side that serves.
3. You have to wear knee-pads.
Well there are many more but there is to many for me to name

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