Can any body tell me how 2 stop smoking?


Volleybal service?

don't buy it. and stay away form it and people who smoke.

Do you think its gay for lads to play vollyball?

Yeah, don't light up

What should my volleyball team name be?

stop buying cigarettes (or whatever your smoking).


first thing you have to do. is stop smoking. the only thing left to do is to not start again. if you can follow these directions closely, you should be ok.

What is a throw in volleyball similar to throwing a baseball?

just force your self. my friend started smoking and she lost like $ 100 dollars in 1 week because of buying to much cigarrettes

Does jumping site to site make you jump higher?

well what u require a good will and inspiration.most of time it is you girlfriend...wife or some bad incident in life.try with chew gum which are having same taste as cigarretes available with chemists.and try chewing that whenever u are having a feel of smoke.and believe in yourself that you can do it...
i quit smoking this way 2 years back...
hope that works for you too.
best of luck.


Does anybody accecpt me like volleyball?

Keep at it. Don't quit trying to quit.

How do I become a professional volleyball player?

I smoked for years and would always "try to quit" but it only worked once I decided that I didn't LIKE smoking anymore. I honestly started thinking it was disgusting, it grossed me out and I didn't wanna be one of those old ladies with wrinkly skin and stinky breath, smellin like some cat's butt with yellow teeth...ewww. Plus I wanted to get in shape and start running. I made the conscious decision that I wasnt going to be a smoker. I quit cold turkey one day and never looked back, wasnt tempted once. That was about 4 years ago.

What are the Volleyball techniques?

The only thing you got to do is not let the cigarretes control you and if a friend is telling you to do it,,,well send him to hell..

Why some of my classmates does not like playing volleyball?not just my classmates but the persons i know.?


What should I know before I buy tickets for an AVP volleyball event?

If you ask some-one why they don't quit smoking they usually give one of 2 answers.I can't; or I don't want to. You need to search inside and see which is the right answer for you...then proceed. If you truly want to quit the venture is much easier. Smoking is known to cause physical and mentsl addiction. Being mentally addicted to something is actually worse than the physical addiction because if you maintain a mental control over your "habits" and addictions they are easier to manage. Your brain controls your physical response..the trick is to pretty much trick your brain; or more seriuosly to learn to control your impulses. When I wanted ot quit smoking after over 10 years I had to really think about why. I woke up one day and decided it wasn't worth the stench...and the looks...and by no means was it worth the taste. They don't exactly cover them fiberglass filters in sugar. More importantly it wasn't worth the time I would be giving up with my son and family if I were to die early...or if my son never smoked a cig. and found out he had lung cancer or something...because I did. I wasn't representing the healthy life I believed in living...and after just getting out of an abusive relationship I wasn't respecting the new life I gave myself. For some people it takes meeting the right person and just wanting to make them U quit...Sometimes it takes the death of a close family in my fathers case. After smoking for 25 years he quit cold turkey after watching my 58 yr. old grandmother pass away from a sudden heart attack. But, my mother still smokes...not jsut becasue she can't quit. Because she doesn't want to she says. Whatever it ends up taking for you...I don't know how long you have smoked. But, it doesn't take much in these times to figure out it kills you considering the ammonia, etc. they put in them. Even the Cig. manufactures put a whole little booklet in the pack sometimes just to remind you.and I quote "There is NO good cigarette..including this one"
But, why would they do this if they weren't confidant they already had you not only physically..but, mentally hooked. I mean great commercials...but, in what fantasy do you have a hot cowboy leaning in to kiss you with a Cig hanging out of there mouth. And in what fantasy does a man desire leaning in to a women to inhale the beautiful scent of her...cigarette? It's nothing more than commercialism a few people allowed to intrigue them into creating a habit the rest of us dummies who believe it's cool or whatever fall into. But, once you become addicted its a part of the's a fits. It replaces coffee and toast and becomes coffee and a cigarette. After lunch or dinner instead of dessert it's a cigarette. Eventually, your lighting up in the bathroom at public places to hide.because let's face it it's not as widely accepted as it used to be in public and so forth. Quitters are pissed they were ever swept in by the propaganda and Never been smokers suddenly have a new found voice and are standing up for there freedom or "clean air". Soon you may even find yourself a criminal buying them off black market if they ever get oulawed...And you wouldn't be aloine I know. My mother would probably be in line next to you. The end question is how far are you willing to go and are you ready to change your lifestle. I can guaruntee you'll feel look and smell better. But, is that enough for you...Or do you still feel a need to work to support a company that actually is required by the FDA to spend time and profits creating ad programs convincing you not to buy there products; A product that isn't giving you back anything you couldn't get somewhere else for free. No-ones selling add on years to life let me tell ya. And if they were there'd probably be some disclaimer like on half your life insurance policies..."Discounts for Non-Smokers."As soon as I convinced myself it was a choice..that my whole life is based on choices, I quit. I chose to look, feel, & smell better...And so can U. Good Luck!

WHAT is the best TECHINIQUE to SERVE ?

I would say watch shows that shows you what your organs will look like when you smoke. Hopefully that will freak you out to where you don't want that to happen to you and then you will stop smoking.

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everytime you get a craving stick a piece of hard candy in your mouth and then a toothpic.. it wokrs

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