Boys Volleyball?

In my city they don't allow volleyball for boys and most of the boys are better than the girls. Also girls are allowed to play football with the boys. Do you think this is right?


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if girls can play football, there should be no way the boys can't play volleyball, but then again, boys are better than girls all the way around, so you gotta give em a little break.

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in my city they don't allow boys to play with barbies

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guys can play on a girls team if there is no guys team for that sport

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i think that is not right at all they should let guy if i was u i would just tryout and see what happents

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that's not right. if they allow girls to play football, they should allow boys to play volleyball. i would talk to your principal or school board and try to get that changed.

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that isn't right at all; however there might not be a team b/c your principal/sports director thinks that not enough guys are interested, or there wouldn't be enough boys to form a team. if you're sure that enough guys would tryout, tell your principal/sports director, and if he denies you, start a petition for a boys volleyball team.

oh and to Stacy W - boys are not better all around, particularly in volleyball. i'm a girl and during the boys volleyball season, my coach had me warm up with the players so i could give them more competition. and, i might add, they had a winning season.

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actually guys are allowed to play but they can only play back row because of the height and jump difference

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obv. it's not "right"

but it depends on a lot of things at your school.
main conflicts:
1) interest- are there at least 8+ guys willing to go to practice and play?

2) money- def a problem. i play on my school's vball team and we barely get by each year. The coach, remember, has to be paid too as well as the bus fees and jerseys.

Now if the city is not "allowing" because they don't think guys should play vball, then that is definitely something worth complaining and petitioning.

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nothing hotter than a guy who can play volleyball...sept maybe Brad Pitt...but he's taken :))

seriously, i think it's awesome when guys play volleyball, also it's a little healthy competition for the girls

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