Best shoe for me?


I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what athletic shoes to buy. Im looking for a good top quality shoe to improve my athletic ability. I am an avid athlete and need a pair of shoes for volleyball, track etc. I can only afford to buy 1 as i am only 15. I decided on nike free trainers 5.0. They are really light and will help me build me feet and legs. Is this a good idea? I know they are great for running and training, but will they be good for volleyball as theres alotta jumping and movement involved, Thank you.


I'm starting volleyball..?

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Does nike shox make you jump higher?

Nike's might work, not sure about them, but my school uses Mizuno shoes for volleyball and track so you might want to check them out, they specialize in volleyball shoes. =)

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I would try asiscs or mizunos. for volleyball at my h.s. we use mizunos but asiscs are good to (i know from experience). i have no experience with nike shoes for volleyball so they might work-i'm not sure.

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the Nike trainer are a good shoe but a bad shoe for volleyball because they where made for weight movement back and forth. for running and such. In volleyball you are more likely to move sideways. the shoe will turn over on the side. and if they do you might easily hurt your ankles. but if you have no choice but to wear them. i would tell you to get some ankle braces. just to be safe. your so young and you don't want to get hurt this early. i would recommend getting some Ascics cross trainer there made for volleyball player. good luck on your season

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