Any quick and easy tips on volleyball for a begginer?

im going to a volleyball camp and im trying out 4 my skool team and im competing with people who have been playing all summer. and im a begginer and dont know much


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well I've played for a while so first of all:

SERVING: if you are over hand serving never toss the ball to high or low, make sure it is a lil infront of you and not stright obove your head, and bring stright through.

BUMPING: when you are bumping always aim towards the person you are bumping to, and dont jump when you hit it, and hit on your sweet spot, not your wrist, not your...well just hit in inbetween your wrist and elbow.

SETTING: I myself am not a setter but alot of it is your hands make sure your hands are in the shape of a triangel, aim w/ your thumbs.

SPIKING: practice your approch jump high and time perfectly.

(not much info on spiking, i'm more of a server that spiker.)


Please help! i need help on my overhand serve in vball!?

hit the ball..and uh.. hit.... the ball.. over the net!

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I'm gonna assume that when you say beginner you're talking to me like your a rural Canadian student (I am so I have the right to make fun of me) and I'm gonna say the first thing I told all the other kids in gym class, do not bump off your wrists, the correct way is off your forearms. It stings and it seems like it doesn't work good in the beginning but it is the right and later on only way to do it

And don't run into people, I've been in a 4 person collision, it's not fun. Well, it's fun, but you don't want to play for a while afterwards

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Nothing but practice. Practice serving for accuracy. You want it to just clear the net and land where the opponents can't reach it. No high looping serves. Practice 2 hand and one hand forearm returns for accuracy. Remember you have team mates and try to help set up the winning point. Use your finger tips when setting up at the net. High enough for them to pick their shot, but not so close to the net where the opponent can get it first.

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Practice. Practice. Practice. I was not the best (and am still not) but practice and try harder than everyone else and you will most likely make a team. Then get help from other players/coaches.
A good book i read on volleyball (not so much as how to play but how to get help when you need it) is called "Can I Play" by J. Dillard I recomend it to anyone that likes the game of volleyball.

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try your best girl

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Work on jumping high, setting, sprinting, overhand serving, and passing (bumping). To help with jumping, try doing squats, jump rope, calf raises, and any other calf/ quadricep exercises you can think of. For sprinting, you can try running back and forth down your back yard or local park as fast as you can (this will help your agility, too). Everything else is all in form and practice. Try this website. It's helping me a lot.

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ya some things to remeber are to stay low when passing to listen good at parctice and have fun

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Well u just try to hit the ball over the net. and when it comes back don't let it hit the ground. U can only hit the ball 1 time in a row. there are 6 ppl on the court at 1 time. there is 2 setters and a middle hitter and outsider hitters weak and main. normally. Hope i helped.




Stand facing the net with the foot opposite the hitting hand forward.

The ball is held at waist level.

The player leans forward as they swing their arm foreward and contact the ball.

The hand holding the ball is dropped just before the contact.

The player hits underneath the ball with the fist or heel of the hand.

The hitting arm follows through in the direction of the target.


High ball toss.

Same foot as hitting arm forward.




With firm wrist, arm toss the ball 18 inches - so that the ball falls to the spot just inside of the lead foot and in line with the hitting shoulder.


Elbow and hand are at shoulder height or above throughout the entire serving motion.


Shift weight to lead foot, or step forward, as you make contact with the ball.


Wrist firm throughout serve.

Contact with heel of hand through middle back of ball.

The contact should sound like a "thud", not a "slap" sound.

Hand follows ball to target.

Finish with hand alongside or within body line.

As you leave the leave the floor to jump, pull the hitting arm back with the elbow and hand at shoulder height or higher.

The hand should be open and relaxed, with the plam facing away from the ear.

The elbow should swing forward and raise above the head.

Then the arm and hand swing over the top as the heal of the hand contacts the ball.

This is followed by the palm and fingers, which then snap through the ball.

Contact point is slightly in front of and as high as possible above the hitting shoulder.


Right - Left finish. (for right handers)

Left - Right finish. (for left handers)

Three step or four step approach (both o.k.)

Important to both approaches is to make the step preceding the step close a long and explosive one.

Also, important to both approaches is to keep the knees bent for all approach steps.

Finally, be sure to face your range spot when you make your step close.


Jump up (vertically) to meet ball.

Contact the ball at the peak of your jump with a straight arm.

Check landing spot, which should not be more than a distance of one foot past the contact point.

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