Are women's volleyball uniforms the sexiest of all women sports?


Does anyone have any volleyball tips for a 7th grade girl?

yes definitely or beach volleyball but i can see bikinis anywhere there's something about those knee pads

How do I jump serve in volleyball?


I might do this?

Very much so.

Help me with this?

Oh yes.

Does any one think that it is fair that my coach kept players on her volley ball team that ended up failing.?


How do you do a substitution in volleyball?

Women's Beach Volleyball is by far the sexiest.

Where do i find illustrations and meanings of volleyball handsignals?


Im trying out for volleyball !?

I think you forgot about professional Jello wrestler's uniforms.

Need help with Volleyball?

Yes, simply because we volleyball players are the sexiest of ALL.

Court measurements?

oh god yes, during our practicess, boys are just there drooling watching us exercise.

Who will advise me about best volleyball training metods for beginers girls?

almost, but I will say 'cheering leading' uniforms are the best if u count it as sports. At least ESPN does...

Will Chaela Carter be Famous in the year 2008?

yes they r....especially when they r on me:b

Who like this?

Yup yup, i mean, unless theres a REAL sport where you wear less!!

Help!! looking for a new team?

absolutely! i wear the shortest short shorts to practice.and a bikini top.its the most comfortable, but booys r always drooling over me.

How do you interpert "points per rotation" stat in volleyball?

not anymore, ever since no one wears butthuggers nowadays. i remember those brazilians...tiny.

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