Big egos, small skill?

i am getting soooo frustrated with this one girl on my volleyball team. shes realllly bad and cant do anything for the life or her and then she talks like shes the best person on our team and we all would be lost without her! she thinks the only reason my friend and i are the starting two setters is because her mom and my dad coach! and thats not true because some random ppl who dont even know us pick the starters what can i do about it!!


Can somebody make up a cheer for the cougar's team?

you're the setter right?

set her all the balls you could possibly set until she strings up a ton of errors...

she'll realize on her own how she's not that good as a player...

Volleyball help?

beat her azz

Tell me what you think, please!?

two options eater tolerate or find a way to explain how you feel

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stand up to her and tell her to keep quite, you've just had about enough of her.

My serves are too powerful?

trip her a couple times...

Is this a legal shot in Volleyball?

Out play her

How do I format a 12 team volleyball double elimination tournament?

give her a facial...after practice.

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In my experience, skill outwieghs talk. Once you are on the court compete with her, but compete in a way that still exudes teamwork. If she loves volleyball she will realize who is better, and what is best for the team. Just be the bigger person and take her under your wing (try to help her) because as a setter you control the court.

How do you play volleyball?

there will always be a sour puss no matter what. but heres an idea. if when you practice and shes on the otherside of the court(mock game) spike it on her, make her dive, or ace her.

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