Any ideas for help with volleyball?

I have a lot of friends who play volleyball, and I had never thought of trying it until my one friend Grace told me that she wanted to try out (she had never played before). I told her that I would too, but with one week to pre-season, I havn't made much progress. To add to the humiliation that I'll probably face, my friend decided to bail last minute! I know the basic skills, but I doubt that I'll measure up to these girls who have been playing for so long. Also, my friend tried to teach me the formations for volleyball, but I didnt really understand. If anyone could help me with training tips and formation explinations, that would be great!


Did any one no that the first type of volly ball they used real heads?

Oh man, I played in 6th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, this year, and I am just now showing really good improvements so definitely try to improve but don't focus too much on it and let it stop you from playing. It can get to be so much fun once you learn it and I promise you, you can. For training, youmay want to try "bumping" the ball to yourself over and over just up in the air and back down onto your "platform" or forearm/wrist area. Don't hit it with your clasped hands because it will go all over the place. Focus on controlling it so you don't have to move much or try bumping it against a wall and hitting it back over and over. You can also do squats or wall sits, wall jumps, ab excersises because you need a strong core to jump, running, and lifting weights in a weight room ,mainly focusing on the legs because you use them for every part of volleyball. If you face the net, the formation starts in the back right corner which is spot 1, then up to the setter position in front of the serving position, that's 2, then to the middle front which is left of the setter as spot 3, spot 4 is left of the middle front and that's known as outside hitter position. Spot 5 is the back left corner behind outside hitter and to the right of the back left is the middle back, spot 6. For training in setting, try setting against a wall using mainly your thumb and index finer but use your others to support the set. For blocking, do jumps over the net over and over trying to get a whole hand over the net. For spiking, do your three step approach a lot (left right left...leave additional comments if you don't know) and then try and have someone throw you the ball to work on your timing of the approach and hit. Make sure you bring your arm arched back slightly and all the way around when you hit. To work on that, have someone stand behind you in a safe spot and have you act as though you were hitting and then swing around and give them an upside high five. ASk your coach or whoever is the coordinator of the team for some tips too, they'll probably be impressed that you had guts to ask to improve and that you care. =)

Does anyone play competitive volleyball out there?

Hang in there.... Your friend is the one that will be missing out.
Here's a website that explains the formations. Remember that as a player you always have a home base. Setters/utilities are on the right side of the court, middles in the middle, and strong side hitters on the left. Good luck.

How do they name different rotations?

well hang in there and I was once like you. I felt small up to thoes girls. I asked my brother or friend to help me. It helped.

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