Best woman's volleyball sneaker?


Does anyone know any good volleyball chants?

I've worn Asics volleyball shoes in the past and currenly wear Nikes, and I'd recommend either brand. My friends like their Mizunos, but I can't speak from personal experience. You probably can't go wrong with any of those three brands.

I do recommend volleyball shoes over basketball or running shoes. Volleyball shoes are lighter than basketball shoes and offer better traction and lateral support than running shoes. I'd wear my volleyball shoes everywhere if they didn't have a soft gum outsole.

GIRLS ONLY! if your boyfriend cheated on you and was right in front of you lauging about it, wat would u do?

I dunno. My personal opinion = New Balance

How do I increase my verticle?

I would Say Oasics but that's my opinion

What is mean by freedome?

Mizuno.. in my opinion. I just got the new ones and they are amazing.

What are some adjectives that descirbe volleyball.. and softball?

it all a matter of personal preference. Many people play in running shoes, mostly asics. While others strictly play in "volleyball" shoes. Volleyball court shoes provide added traction while running shoes provide greater stability and cushion. I have worn Asics and Adidas for most of my career. They have a wide array of styles to fit most everyone. In the end a good volleyball shoe should be comfortable and reliable.

Volleyball help??!!?

asics has good girl's sneakers. :)

Spandex wearing in gresham city hall this saturday?

nike or adidas
nike shox
nike air
adidas gigarides
adidas ((regular))

Time problem?

the volleyball shoes by Nike

Can you help?

adidas climacool are awesome!

Arm strength?

i like asics but thats just me! *im pretty sure i spelled that wrong!*

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