Can boys play?


Dose volleyball really hurt like this?

Sure! On the West Coast, Boy's Volleyball is a really big deal. I used to think that it looked weird, but guys are much stronger than girls, so the game moves much, much faster!

Where can I join a recreational volleyball team in houston, texas?

Of course! and i would recommend it because it is such a fun sport. Some high schools have boys volleyball teams, mine does, and i know that every single one of them enjoys it! Try it out, i bet you will love it!

In volleyball, what is a libero?

play wat??

How can i increase my vollyball skills in 3 months?

Honestly I think volleyball is a women's sport and that it's real effeminate for guys to play it, but of coarse guys can play but I'd tell my son to choose another sport like soccer or baseball.

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Yeah...most places have a GUYS and GIRLS volleyball team

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Boys can surlly play volley ball. My older brother plays intermurally volleyball and loves versing other teams and winning

Everything I need to know about volleyball techniques and workouts for upcoming season?

yeah boyz can play v-ball. by the way, tiz really fun also!!

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sum guys.some just look stupid trying to impress thier gfs

SeTtEr HeLp!!?

Yeah, we can play. I actually DO play, while I was in high school, I was an all state power hitter, and I co coached the girls team.
I really disagree with those who say volleyball is a "girls sport," it takes as much athleticism and determination as any other sport does, yet if we're not Asian or gay (where I'm from) we get shunned for playing the sport (I don't mean to offend any Asian or homosexual people, I'm just trying to say what it's like here in Boston). Volleyball is a hell of a sport, and I'll respect anyone who can play.

How does newtons second law apply to volleyball?

in college they can. they have strong arms so their over hand serve is good.

Anyones volleyball team going to nationals in Atlanta?

definitely yes! guys mostly play beach volleyball instead of in a gym like girls usually though

What are the 6 sports that use a net but no ball.?

Yeah they can!
I know so many guys that play and I think it is really cool that they do. It isn't a girly sport at all, well atleast not when they play. I go to an all girls school and there is a all boys school near by and I know a few people there and their team is amazing. They have gotten 1st at state three years in a row.

What are the rules of Volleball?

yea im a guy i played

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I think they can my dad use to play when he was in middle school.

Where can I get sample survey questionnaire on the topic "commitment of players to their sport"?

Wow I'm sorry lady, but volleyball for guys compared to girls is a totally different story. I play for my high school team and its a lot more thrilling then to watch my sisters play. The net is a lot higher and it is amazing to see the guys get up. It has gone from a female sport to an all around sport. Girls do play more control and a lot more passes, but the males will have a lot more harder hits, more blocks, and a lot better game to watch. Sorry if I offend any female player, but personally if your son wants to play. I say let em do it. It has helped me in basketball and now I jump higher.

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yes,surely boyz can play.actualy i think VB is the only sport that suites girlz&boyz.In spite of basketball

What is a good off season workout to get ready for volleyball season?


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