*help*Is there anyway you could help me get ready for volleyball tryouts?

I really need help* tryouts are soon!!


In indoor volleyball who or rather what position is the person with the off colored jersey on each team?

As goofy as this sounds, practice diving onto the ground with your arms outstretched as if you were saving a ball from hitting the floor. It gets your body use to doing that and it proves to be really helpful. Also, practice your overhand serves. You can practice against a concrete wall so you don't always have to chase after it. Also, practice "setting" the ball with your fingertips. Don't let it hit the palms of your hand because the ref can call you on that. Practice your "bumping" and "spiking" too. Bumping is with your arms outstretched with your hands clasped. See how many times in a row you can bump the ball. It helps with eye/hand coordination. Spiking is really important too. Have someone throw the ball up in the air for you and spike it to the ground. It is important to practice your vertical jump if you are going to be on the front line. And the last thing, practice your vertical jump with your arms stretched above your head to block the ball when you are in the front line. Good luck!

Why do volleyball players tape their fingers together?

You can practise your jump height and improve your leg strength for volleyball by doing leg squats. Stand on one leg and bend your knees slightly down, then explode upwards, jumping up with your leg. Swap legs and do 5 repetitons of each, then do it in what is called a 'square' set which is where you turn in square (you turn to the side, by doing the same jumping position but this time you are turning to the side, so you will basically be jumping from one position to the other in a circuit like a square) do this twice and increase over time. Doing these exercises will increase your agility and vertical jump height and power for volleyball. Also, make sure that you practice volleyball at least three times a week.

Good luck! :)

I need some cheers 4 volleyball?? our team doesn't know any!?

plyometrics for your jump, drills for your basic skills...
what level ball are we talking about? give us a clue, then maybe we can be of better help.

I joined volley ball but i am not very good how can I empress the team.?

OK the key to making any team is to be attentive but stand out. Coaches love players who are willing to go all out but also can listen to directions. Make sure in any drill they ask you to do, you go hard. So if you see a ball about to drop make sure you are diving and hitting the floor to try and get it up.

Also volleyball is a sport of communication. Make sure you are loud and clear. When passing balls make sure you are yelling "MINE"!!

Now for some basic tips. The first thing a volleyball coach wants to see is what position you will play. If you are not sure, that is fine.

So first thing in volleyball is serving. Always get your serves in. If you miss a bunch of serves then the coach won't think you are reliable in a game situation. Make sure you get them in.

Next is passing or bumping the ball to the setter. Try and make sure you communicate and talk out there. Make sure nothing drops. Not sure how much time before your tryouts you have but, try and really work on your bumping. A person who passes serves really well will always make the team. Also try to stay low and keep your eye on the ball. It will help you get the ball in the air to your target.

Now, in order to hit, the key is to reach high. When you make contact with the ball you really want to snap your wrists in order for the ball to stay in the court. Also make sure you get the ball over and make smart plays. You don't want to hit balls into the net or out all the time. It is sometimes better for the other team to make mistakes.

Now very important, make sure you are at the try outs as soon as you can. Coaches love players who are ready to go when they get there. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and let them know you are excited for the opportunity to learn more and get better.

Good luck and get a good nights sleep.

Volleyball question..?

maybe you can get with someone else trying out too and just practice. (perferably someone better than you or close to your playing level) this way the both of you can practice and if she make the team as well as you then you already know someone on your team.

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practice, practice, practice.

Any ideas?

go to a local sports center

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You need to get your body in shape for volleyball. This means you need excellent leg strength, and excellent arm strength. You should probably start doing some basic skill drills to get you used to bumping, serving, setting, and hitting. Start running and increase your distance little by little each day. Start doing push ups and sit ups every night and increase the amount each night.

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warm up for an hour before you go.

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