Any Girls Volleyball Camps in California?

I'm in 8th grader, 13 years old currently but by summer I'll be 14. Anyways, I really want to be on the freshman team when I get to highschool. I would like to attend a camp for volleyball this summer. Does anyone know of any good ones in California, preferably southern?


Is there a place were I could join a teen volleyball team?

I personally don't know of any good camps (I don't live in California) - but I'll put a bunch of links at the bottom that you can check out.

One thing that you could do is go over to the high school and talk to the coach and ask them if they are running any camps this spring or summer. First, that will show the coach you're serious and interested in volleyball (which will be good when tryouts happen in the fall) - second, it will hopefully steer you in the direction of some good clubs. You could also ask girls on the high school team if they know of any good clubs.

You might also check the colleges/universities in your area and see if they run volleyball camps during the spring and summer. I would imagine UCLA probably runs some sort of volleyball camp.

You might also want to seriously consider playing club volleyball - that's probably going to be one of the best ways to improve your overall level of play - because you play during the "off-season" - which means you have that much more time to get better. I also put some links below to find club teams in your area. You might also ask the high school coach what he/she thinks about club teams (it's possible that they might not like them) - and if they like them - ask them if they know of any good ones.

Oh, I also put a link for "open gyms" which are places where they play volleyball on a regular basis - but not neccessarily with set teams - these are places where you could probably go, get put with some other people, and play together as a team.

Good luck to you!

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