Can you play grass volleyball if a mix of people are wearing shoes and are barefoot or should all be barefoot?

Question:I am wondering if someone might get injuried if they are playing barefoot and someone steps on them. Is it better to just enforce the rule that everyone goes barefoot?

I am supervising games for my kids and their friends and I don't want anyone to get hurt. Thanks!


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Given that this sounds like a rec league, your concerns about safety, that there are no set uniforms, and that you have around 12 players (6 per side if they all play), its best if you make them all go barefoot if they are not all wearing sneakers and socks.

Barefoot on the grass in comfortable and kids love playing that way. All of them will be happy to shed their footwear and play in their bare feet - it is a real treat. As long as the grass is well maintained, it should be a safe enjoyable experience for everyone. Plus, it is a chance for you to relax and go barefoot too as you coach them.

Have fun!

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Just to be on the safe side I would have them all wear shoes because there might be some objects in the grass that can be harmful but can't be seen unless you look really close...bits of glass, crabgrass, etc

Plus if someone accidentally steps on someone elses foot then they will have shoes on and it will help eliminate the other kid getting hurt.

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either have everyone wear shoes or everyone take them off. i think playing on grass, people should wear shoes. There may be hidden rocks, and sharp sticks.

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I would play barefoot!

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you can .. but i would def go BAREFOOT!! I think it is easier to run around and your feet dont get all grose... plus don't feel as hesitant to roll around and dig for random stuff. AND if you want to take your shoes off (if you wear sneakers) after a long tournament, you have to carry two grose pairs of socks and two sweaty socks. But if you play barefoot you can just carry a pair of flip flops. Ooo.. and usually grass tourneys are only in pairs.. so it is pretty hard to get in each other's way :-)
Good Luck!

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its safer (if there are young kids) to have them all wear shoes, but its still okay to not wear shoes. but to keep it fair, have eveyon barefoot or have everyone have their shoes on.

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I play a lot of triples grass, and we often play combo. But with only 3 on each side, it is seldom that anyone is treading upon someone else's territory to get stepped on.

It is preference. But if there is 6 on each side, make sure it is uniform. People will get hurt then.

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