Any good cheers?

i need some cheers for after my team gets a kill, an ace, but more importantly when we lose a point.. we just go to the middle and say "team" but it doesnt pump us up to get the next point.. i need help.. please


Volleyball anyone?

Here are a few!
*A-C-E ace whoo whoo ACE
*Ready i, 2 (clap)

When did volleyball started?

Well i got one for when you score it goes something like this

stomp your right foot then left clap then put one fist in th air and yell ace!

How do i get more powerful serves and spikes for volleyball?

I got a cheer it goes like this:
That's the way uh uh we spike it uh uh. OR That's the way uh uh we serve it uh uh.

When you get an Ace say Ace Ace baby you know you know you know.

WHen you just want to cheer:
Go go go. Go you mighty ______. Fight fight fight. Fight you mighty______. Win win win. Win you mighty ________. Go you mighty ______, fight you mighty _________, win you mighty ______. GO, FIGHT, WIN. Than you stomp.

Who is your all time favourite volleyball player mail and femail?

lose- thats allright, thats ok, were gonna win this anyway! goooo__________!!

ace- stomp, stomp,clap clap, stomp clap ACE!!

beginning- go in a huddle and ut ur hands round each others shoulders and jump up and down. then go - pump, pump, pump it up! P-U-M-P pump it up! go _____!

How can i stop doing this!?

Well this is how our Cheer goes....Bump,Set Spike,Bum,Bump,Set Spike,Shhh...and Spike It! (stomp to the beat)

How many ladies have been hit or kicked in the crotch? Tell us about your funniest home video moment!!?

1) When you get a kill - Whoever got the kill jumps while everyone stands in a circle and 'drops their bomb', and everyone else falls/pretends to fall.

2) Ace - "Ace *one arm in air*, Ace *other arm in air*, Whoo! *both arms brought together like an x/cross*

3) Lose a point - "A, A, That's okay" *just like the ace movements*

Who are you?

sha boo ya shaaa boo ya road call my name-------(tell Lil 'bout yourself and keep doing that till you get to everybody

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