Cough?? i got hit...?

Question:the other day we were practicing at volleyball, and when someone served, i went to hand-pass it, but it grazed my fingers and hit where the neck and chest meet...

ever since then, i've had a bad cough...only when i get out of breath, laughing, or working hard...

is it just cuz of the hit?? the trainer guy at school (like a dr.) checked it out right after, and he said nuthin was wrong with it..

i think i got hit on wednesday


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Part of it is probably becasue you got hit there but since it only hurts when you laugh or get out of breath i dont think its anything to serious. You're probably coughing becasue of the immediate after effects of gtting hit so give it a couple fo days and drink fluids to keep your throat from drying and making you cough more.

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Talk to your parents. The Dr. is most likely closed today. (its Sunday) Maybe you should see the trainer guy again. Or the school nurse.

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Why panic the flu is around early tis year cover up when U cough that will the solution...PeAcE

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Having that cough is not from getting hit in the are probably just sick right i wouldnt be worried that the hit caused you to start coughing.but if you are really worried, i would take a trip to the real doctor!!

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idk..i would go to the doctor and ask him about it..

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