Can guys play volleyball?


What are some cool volleyball ace cheer?

yes guys can play not only is there are high school,colleage there is many pro mens volleyball. and for the ones who think you have to be gay to play why dont you get on the court with a hitter hitting the ball 70 to 90 mph at your face and get the impression of the ball on your forehead and send you crying to the sidelines. i have been playing for 15 yrs myself, there was no high school mens team where i am from, but i would bet that the kentucky's # 1 team (Assumsion High School) ( a girls team) would make you cry too. they have been in the top two in the nation for the last 4 yrs that i know of. So before you go running your mouth about a sport that you dont know anything about. you need to check what you are saying. And you ever heard of Pro Beach Volley. i would say them guys are swinging more gurls than you can every dream about. and now to the ones who know what they are talking about or just love volleyball i love it and hope everybody who plays does too

I tried out for volleyball and made it. i was on the team last year and its big tradtion to make nicknames.


Boys only 7676?

if they want to.
but its not a macho sport. And guys aren't gonna watch it.

Any ideas for ab work outs other than sit-ups and crunches?

of course, can girls dive NASCAR? I actually have played volleyball for a local league, back to back defending champs. No Lie!

How are athletic booster clubs formed?

of course. both my highschool and college have men's volleyball

What are the first universities to except men's volleyball?

Depends on if they are openly homosexual or not.

What muscles do you work when you play volleyball?

sure, my husband plays volley ball on a summer and winter league..

What is the best place to live in the world?

yes they can. they play beach volleyball and reg volleyball. there are many men volleyball teams out there. in fact the first person too play volleyball was a man. and a man invented it! they played it at the ymca for boy's that had problems like getting in fights and drinking,stealing. so that was around the late 1800.

hope this helps!p.s. anyone can play any sport out there! sports are too have fun with and get lot's of exsersise!

Are vollyball olympic champs Misty May and Kerri Walsh lesbians? Didn't they make a lesbo movie together?

someone should spike you for asking that

What are the positions that a volleyball team consists of?

They definitely can, some of the best players are guys!

If you think this question is mediocre,clap your hands.If you think this question is mediocre,clap your hands

I love playing volleyball. As far as it not being manly, ever take a hit that left a red circle on your chest, and walk it off to return the favor.

Damn we love hurting each other!

How can i improve my shot in b ball. does anyone have and pointers or tips?

hell yeah guys can play volleyball we dont have a team at my school but if our boys would get a team together they would kick our teams *** everytime...

Where can I play indoor volleyball in Colorado Springs?

some of them : )

Need help with my ad in vollyball?

Of course.guy's volleyball is an olympic sport...most guy volleyball players are incredible athletes!!

What's a good way to learn and get ready for volleyball?

ummm yea.
3 of my (male, duh) friends play vball, and one of my male teachers coaches it, and my painter plays...

male vball players are prolly better than us girls, too, cuz the can handle really hard stuff and hit the ball REALLY hard!!

Were can fine a volleyball team in worcester?

yes theyre are even coed rules

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