Can anyone tell me any volleyball cheers? thx?


How to jump higher in volleyball?

Bump, set, spike, score. Never let it hit the floor!!

All our serves are red hot aces, We're gonna spike it in your faces!

You will find our blocks closed shut. We are going to kick some butt!

We are tall and you are short. We're gonna smack it on your court!

We'll serve and spike and set and pass, just mark our words we'll whip your ***!

Please don't cry and please don't moan, your team is what we're gonna own!

Our spikes will burn the court to vapour; you're gonna need some toilet paper!

From us all you'll get is more, we'll smash it till your arms are sore.

Serve and dig and set and hit, you'll be spiked and our team's IT.

Dig, set, spike, score. We're gonna smash it on your floor!!

GOOOOOOOO. SCORPIONS ( or insert team name here ;-) )

(Some of these are too aggressive for me and I wouldn't use them but you can perm any from the list you like! )

Volleyball fanatics, where is leila barros now?

my name is <name> and you know what i got
what do you got
i got a team thats hotter than hot
how hot is hot?
great spikes and aces too
uhhuh uhhuh
we're gonna beat the whoopsies outta you
alright ok

Why do people think that they are batter then everyone for? what happen if you are not rich but you are poor.?

weda best weda best
an we'll put ya to da test!


What does sideout mean in volleyball?

The only one I ever heard was:

Spike 'em in the stomach
Spike 'em in the head
We want blood
red red red

Not exactly the nicest of cheers - but it's the only one I remember hearing.

What is the different between normal volleyball and beach volleyball?

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO __________________!!!!... no i actually like the bump set spike score 1 but some1 already said it

What are some good volleyball cheers that u can use thunder in?

to the window
to the wall, to the wall
we saw shank that ball

k-i- double l kill kill kill
bang bang kill kill
(make guns noises twice) reloaddd

a-c-e ace whoot whoot ace

we want another one just like the other one

(team name) got that (team name) juice juice
say what!
(do this cheer like when your on fire)

i have some more but i dont feel like typing them lol

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