Does anyone have a unique craft or gift idea for high school volleyball senior night?


Do anybody know good volleyball camps in cleveland ohio or any good clubs in cleveland?

Well, maybe you can either tie in something that is memorabilia or something they can use in college.
A memorabilia would be like a picture collage from the season, a video of the seasons' clips, etc.
Something for college could be vb luggage tags, vb mouse pad, etc. They're a bunch of things in VB catalogs.
Maybe you could even combine some memorabilia and something they can use in college. Have a vb mouse pad made of team's picture, mug, etc.
Make it something they'll cherish.

What do I do as a beginner to get ready for volleyball tryouts?

other than the susal posters and signed balls adn gift basket to enjoy with teh season off, nope. But how about a get out of practice card?

Losing Teams...?

Matching vibrators with team colors...chicks will dig it, becaues thats the gift that keeps on giving...orgasms that is!

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