Can someone help me with spiking(hitting)?

i just cant do it. i can run up and hit the ball pretty hard, and i used to be an outside hitter for club vball. But my high school coach wants us to get the approach, which i just cant do. i think im doing it but my coach always say im just running up to it or i have not form.


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for right handed hitters.
the approach go.. left, right, left (together with right) and jump.

But swing both arms back than forward before jumping, this gives you maximum liftoff. Make sure the ball stays in-front or directly above you and not behind, so you don't reach back. Reach high as you can (don't bent your elbow.) At contact, snap your wrist to form topspin and follow through on your swing. Your follow through should end when your arm is resting on the right-side of your hip (make sure its on the outside of your hip, not cross-body.)

Take my advice, I blocked the guy above ^

**I got up and did the approach...props to the girl below for correcting me.but still take my advice...cause i think I blocked her as well...heheh

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The approach goes... right left and a quick jump right left. Then you extend your arm all the way and snap your wrist down when you make contact with the ball.( This cause the ball to go downward) I am a good volleyball player myself on the best team in the state so listen to my advice.

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those guys^^ don't know what they're talking about if you are a right handed hitter the approach goes like this

stand at the ten foot line

big step with your LEFT foot first then two quick
ones with your right then left

so it goes LEFT right LEFT

then use your arms and legs to get you as high as you can then make sure to get your hand ON TOP of the ball and SPIKE as hard as you can, and then you can also do a tip which is when you approach and then instead of hitting as hard as you can you just tap the ball and let it fall right next to the net

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Since you're in high school, it's important to get the proper hitting motion.

Pro's to doing it the proper way:
1) You can get 1-3 inches of extra vert.

2) You tend to hit harder and more consistently. Your arm is also fully extended on contact.

3) You reduce injury because your motion is purposeful. Proper technique will keep your arm movement in a fluid motion which reduces fatigue when you have to hit 50+ times in a game.

Like any sport, it does take at least 100+ repetitions in order for your muscles to memorize the movement. Within a week, you can probably get to 90% as good as your old technique.

I'd go to and watch some volleyball hitting videos. You'll see for yourself why everyone stresses the importance of technique.

My tip for hitting:
Besides doing the right foot steps, I find if you focus on reaching your arms back, you will automatically swing them upwards and get you that extra vert I was talking about. Practice this at home. Reach backwards.

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