Amount of people on team?

I am going to tryout for volleyball next year as a sophmore and im taking clinics and stuff so i will know how to play better. My question is, how many people are usually on each team? I know there is 12 on varsity, but it seems like there is a lot of people on JV.


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Well it really depends on how the coach wants his team to be. He may want as little as possible do that you can all get pleanty of play time or he could want more. The least you can have is 6...Most teams have more though, just in case of an Injury or a No show happens on a game day. My team has 8-10 players on it. If you really want to know ust ask the coach, He could probably tell you an estimated answer.

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well it depends on the coach and how many players he wants ! there are six on the court and you wantat least eight on the team for subs, ingurys, and no shows !

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That depends on each school, some only have 8 others will have 18. Play club volleyball to increase your skills in the spring to do better in school!

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there can be as many people on a team as you want, but only 6 can play a game. most teams usually do have twelve. mine has 11.

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at my school, these are the numbers and the players:

freshman team: 15
JV team: 13
V team: 12

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There is usally only about 12 but sometimes coaches keep about 15 but not usally. Good luck!

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in my school there are
i know, weird numbers but all schools are different so you should ask people who have played at your school before.

definitly play on a club team and make sure that youre in really good shape (you might want to start lifting and running a lot) for try outs. if you are you will have a good chance of making it.

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There were 13 people on my 8th grade team and im trying out for Freshman next year. they are thinking of keeping 12 ish. it really depends on your coach. 6 on a court and 2-3 extras for subbing and conflicts. they keep no more than 10 on club teams the majority of the time.

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A good amount would be anywhere from 8 to 12.

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Where I coach we usually like to have 10 or 11 on varsity. But it really depends on how big the school is you go to. If it's a bigger one they will probably have more teams to place players (varisty, JV, freshman or even a varsity, B team, C team). I coach at a small school so we will have anywhere from 8-12 on varsity depending on the talent we have. The players who aren't on varsity are on JV and we don't have to cut any of them which is really nice so everyone gets a chance.

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usually 12, bcuz if you're playing with 6 people on the court at a time then everybody can play, it works out the same way if you're playing with 4 people on the court. hope i helped! =)

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there can be alot of people on a team, but there is only 6 on the court at a time. one in serving position, one in the middle back, one in the back left, one in the front left, one in setting position which is middle front closer to the net, and one in front right in front of the server.
hope this helps!! good luck!

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6 main players & 6 substitutes in each team is International rule & my school follows it
Good Luck

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