Are swollen, painful fingers common with volleyball players?

I started playing volleyball for my high school team about 3 weeks ago, I had daily doubles for 2 weeks and now just practices during week days. I've played before and never had any problems like this before, but for the past 2 days I've woken up to very swollen fingers, and the swelling takes about 6 hours to go away. They aren't very swollen during the day time, but they do hurt pretty bad sometimes. Is this normal? Or is it something that doesn't really happen with volleyball players much? I know I haven't jammed any of my fingers. What can I do to stop my fingers from swelling overnight? I can't rest because I have 2 games per week and practice every week day. Please help! And thank you!


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My daughter is a high school volleyball player and she told me that you shouldn't be having these types of problems as often as you do.
If you are a setter, this might be a little more of an understandable problem, but you still shouldn't be having it for this long. SO, I would suggest that you first look at your diet. Have you made any changes such as the addition of junk food. Foods like this contain considerable amounts of salt in your body which causes swelling. The swelling is going down during the day because you are active.
I think you should be drinking more WATER during the day to compensate for the amount of physical activity you are doing. Especially since you've probably been seditary during the summer. Please make this WATER and not a sports drink or a flavored drink. WATER will help your body to flush the additional salt in your body IF you have excess, it will also help your body to release the excess fluids to reduce swelling.
Good luck on your season.

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Apparently, you are playing wrong. If you hit the ball right you would not experience this. See a doctor

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It looks like playing may be hard on your finger joints; have a word with your coach about it, there may be something in your technique that causes the swelling.

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the best thing to do is ice them after every practice like in a bowl and stick your fingers in it and every night before you go to sleep, soak your hands in some EPSON SALT. you can buy that in any drug store and pharmacy.and some motrin wouldnt hurt either.

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dear friend i would say yes and no in your case, but the truth is since you are in the game you should not face this problem at all, at the same time you did not mentioned if you are having any problems with your nails or toes...please read the information below this might help you to understand your codition better:

Clubbing of the fingers or toes
Alternative Names
Home Care
There is no specific treatment for the clubbing itself. Home care depends on the specific diagnosis.

When to Contact a Medical Professional
If you notice clubbing, call your health care provider.

A person with clubbing generally has other symptoms and signs that define a specific condition. Diagnosis of that condition is based on family history, medical history, and a physical exam that looks at the lungs and chest.

Medical history questions may include:

When did you first notice this?
Does it affect the fingers, toes, or both?
Has it been becoming more noticeable?
What other symptoms are also present?
Is there any breathing difficulty?
Is the skin ever bluish colored?
The following tests may be done:

Chest x-ray
Chest CT scan
Arterial blood gas
Pulmonary function tests

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Are you a setter? because if you are that is not normal at all to get swollen fingers, maybe you're setting with your finget nails and cramming your finger joints together, try asking your coach for help setting and if you're not a setter idk what your problem is, maybe you have sensitive hands?!

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This is pretty unusual...almost like arthritis.
Make sure you ice your fingers...only thing to reduce swelling and take advil or the like if you are allowed.
If it is just a point of strengthening your fingers, you my may to squeeze a rubber ball or similar off days.
Are you fingers bending back when overhand passing? You may have to stiffen your fingers, hands,and wrists a bit when setting.
Good luck and stay with it.

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well obviously you are hitting the ball the wrong shoould talk to you coach about your fingers and she might be able to give you some advice about how to it better or how to get rid of the swelling quickly!

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yeah its very common in volleyball u probably did jammed them and just cant tell or somthing just ice them and if the pain is very bad go to the doctor and make sure there not broken or dislocated!

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apparently u hit the ball wrong or u jammed it pretty bad i advise u to see a doctor

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