At hightschool is vollyball tryouts at the end of the year?


Do you have any idea whenu r goin 2 be able 2 pick ur own shoes 4 the differnt outfits***?

It really depends on the school, the area you live in and when the season begins. At my school the tryouts are next thursday. You should find out from your coach or athletic directer when the season starts and when tryouts will be held.

Should I even bother?

tryoouts were about a week before school started at my school

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At my high school tryouts were like 2 weeks before school started! Because we actually have a game and a tourney before school starts! But tryouts are never at the end of the year! And if your school is like mine they will have open tryouts again in the first week of school for people that didn't know about the other tryout! They have to do that! so yea!

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at my school, it was a month before school started. but for most schools, girls volleyball starts in the fall, so you better start looking into it, before it gets too late. best of luck on tryouts (:

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at my school, tryouts where two weeks before school. but you should check with the coach

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it really depends on the school you go to and the time your school starts at.mine were in the beginning of the school year!

What should I do?

not usually they are normally before the school year starts since its so early in the year they sometimes have games before school starts, so they usually have tryouts during 2-a-days.

Volleyball girl e-mail & height? my school, volleyball tryouts are 2 weeks before school starts

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it depends what school u r at

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