Can anyone telll me what should i do as i hav to go for a tournament and at the same time im having my exams?

so my tournament is from 13th and evn exams r frm 12th and in some exams i m getting examtion


What is the official size of volleyball court?

u can go for the tournament as u r getting examtion for ue exams n so it deppennds upon ur according my opinion u should go for the tournament n it seems as if u r in a small class but dont forget to study.

Whats the song it goes sumfin like two hand snap snap one hand snap snap no hand (wait) snap snap?

hey..if u have your exams & the tournament at the same the tournament!!unless u can do both!!=)

How to become a better Libero?

well study the 11th, do the exames the 12th, & that night practice some, & then play the tournament. & if anybody else on ur team has the same problem then c what they r doin'

Show choir chants?

Take some time to study and then take some time to practice vball !

Do you know anythink about PAOK?

Education comes first.

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