Can u help a vball player out?

Alrighty then. Ok, i play on my 7th grade volleyball team and i know your supposed to wash your kneepads every so often-for me and my schedule and practices everyday, its once a week. Ok but i was unable to for a while and i heard that some people develope bumps(relatively small) on their knees from not getting their kneepads cleaned. I just washed mine 5 mins. ago-theyre line drying now. Is there any way to get rid of the bumps i have on my knees, or any way to make them at least slightly less noticeable? thank you.


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They're from sweat and will go away on their own. Just air out your knees.

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dont worry alot of ppl get that. i get it all the time. its from sweat and the pad rubbing on your knees. just put lotion on it unless ur going to play soon then put powder on it thats what i do and mine go away like the next day. good luck and have a great year in volleyball.

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Try putting Sea-Breeze (blue liquid) on them with a cotton ball or with a cloth.

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like "big gun" said, sea breeze is a great idea for that. just put some on a cloth or something, and rub it on your knees. apply cetaphil lotion on it too every few hours, if you want it to go away faster. during practice, put baby powder inside ur kneepads .this will help you sweat less. other than doing that, you really cant do to muich otherwise. just wait out the volleyball season for them to go away. best of luck (:

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there just from sweat...theyll go away eventually...and there no big deal!

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wear something long like jeans or a dress to cover them up!

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