At my high school the freshmen get dry humped by the upper classmen is that a problem?


Anyones team going to nationals in Atlanta for volleyball?

Hell no its not a problem as long as they are not putting the peter in the hole its all good member that
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Does any one know the quote that ends with.?

YEAH!! thats harrassing..if they have a problem with it, report it..don't allow them to do it...

Who and what do you play?

What does that have to do with Volleyball you retard....And yes thats a problem

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thats part of being on a high school team

Volleyball tryouts?? ahh?

It's probably all in good fun. I mean if it's going overboard then it's harassing but it's probably just friends joking around.

Suggestions; hump back.

Can somebody name the main rules of volleyball for me?

That is a problem and should not be allowed to happen by your coach or administration. I don't care if it is a part of "initiation"...I'm a coach and I would never allow that sort of thing to take place because even though it is in fun someone could get hurt physically or emotionally. There are more things the upper classman could do to the freshman as initiation that isn't so vulgar or demeaning.

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yes!!!!!!!!!! they should report them it is sexual harassment....that is not right and why do they pick on the freshmen we dont. the most horrible thing we do to them is make them wear their uniform to school spandex and all

Who dose nebraska cornhusker play next in the ncca volleyball championship tournament?

Yeah, well at my school all guys act gay

What's the advantage of a 5-1 over a 6-2?

dude...that's so messed up...harassment...hazing...

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