Boys club volleyball?

ok im going to do this thing call "clinics" for volleyball, what kind of things should i bring ??


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If there are no nets there, bring your own nets and poles to set up, according to the number of people expected. Also, bring at least half as many volleyballs as there are people, so people can practice in groups of two and so that people can practice serving.

Bring a rule-book and a drill-book for volleyball exercises/drills.

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Well, if you're a player, you should wear comfortable shorts, tee, socks,kneepads and volleyball shoes with good traction. If you have a volleyball, bring it. In a gym bag, bring a hand towel and a water bottle. Be prepared to learn skills and incorporate the skills in game play. Coaches usually have clinics to get you ready for the upcoming season. Bring a good attitude, aggressive play, and a self-motivated player to the gym.
Show off your stuff but be a team player. Be communicative and supportive. Your coach will appreciate it.
If you're a coach, then you need to make sure you have everything needed to set up a court, namely, poles, pads, net, and antennas. You will need ball cart(s). If you can, provide a volleyball for each participant.
If you are expecting different levels, I would suggest having lots of help from other coaches.
Be prepared with fun drills to keep everyone active and interested so they'll come back! Try to offer gamelike drills, too.

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a clinic is basically camp condensed into an afternoon so just bring whatever you usually bring to a practice

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