Cute ideas for volleyball team?

well im on the schools volleyball team and for every game, someone is assigned to bring something to kind of bring the team together before we play, and to remember the season by. at the last game someone brought big diaper pins with each of our numbers on them and gave them to us to like put on our car key chains or something...and our first game someone brought pins to put on our shoelaces. now it's my turn to bring something to the game tomorrow and i dont have many ideas! any ideas for what to bring?


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You could always bring each a diaper to go with the diaper pin.

History of volleyball?

skimpy bikinis

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People like food. Bake something and decorate each individual thing according to the team member. Maybe large flat cookies topped with frosting spelling their last name and their jersey number. Is that lame?? Well at least it's an idea to spark more ideas.

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volleyball isnt about being cute, its about playing hard! idk why most girls think volleyball is a cute and girly sport!

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1.Well...this one takes a while, but you can make shirts for everyone with fabric paint... on the front put ur team name and on back put nickname and #

2. Make ribbons for everyone to put in their hair...make a black on with name & #, make a red one with Vball team name and city u live in

3. take a pic of everyone on the team and buy a large cool photo frames, and get a bunch of copys for each photo and then put all of them in a photo frame

4. use the one above except ahve a parent take pics of the girls on ur team playing and make sure there number is showing

5. make a bunch of CD's of the girls on ur teams favortive songs

6. tye-dye team socks for everyone with ur teams colors

7. look in a volleyball magizine for a bunch of ideas and stuff you can buy

Volleyball Team Name!?

everyone knows that the ref won't let you wear hair clips to hold your bangs back when playing. I'd say that you get everybody those headbands that are made for sports (sort of like a large rubber band) in your school colors. You could also paint everybodys' names on them.

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