Whats the common violations occurred in the volleyball?


Pretty tips?

Most common violation I got prossecuted for was called "Non-Provoked Assult".

Where does the setter move to (in a 5-1 rotation) after their team serves the ball?

spiking when your not supposed to.

From where i get information on volley ball?

Just remember that volleyball is NOT a contact sport.

Does anyone play volleyball!Like on a team!?

a double hit

Where can I find contact for salinas valley volleyball club?

I don't know about anyone else but for my team people like to carry and every game the ref tells the team leader to watch the carries! And nobody likes to dive for the ball either.

I play volleyball and hyperextend my elbow, is there a brace or something I can buy to prevent this??

what are you referring to??
like touching the net, or hitting the ball out of the court... there are no "violations" in vball really.

How do you deal with unsupporting teammates?

Double hit
crossing onto the other side
hitting the net

When playing volleyball outside on a grass court, do you prefer to wear shoes and socks or play barefoot?

In the net when blocking or hitting.

What is a Middle School Volleyball Tourniment like?

carries, double touch, 4 hits in one side, hitting the net, hitting pass the antenna,

Im an athlete, thin and in shape..but i want to find an energy drink thats healthy to drink before game time..

Double hits when your arms are not locked together and seperate or when you set and one hands touches the ball before the other. Another is lifts or carries where you just smack at the ball from underneath or overhead. Net violattions occur a lot when girls cross the line under the net or when they hit the top of it while spiking or blocking. Other violatiosn include foot faults while serving which is crossing over the line when you are doing a regular over or underhand serve, 5 second penaltys or delay of game when you take too log to serve after the whistle is blown, and yelling at the ref or arguing can get you a violation like a yellow card I think it is and then if you repeat the problem you get ejected from the game or something. Oh yeah, and a common one is 4 hits, when the team does not return the ball in three hits due to just bad playing or if they thought they had a block and it really wasn't and counted as a hit.

How can i improve my sets and hits in volleyball?

on are team the most common one is being across the line in the center or being in the net.

Has anyone tried legacy volleyball?

you can get called on lifting, crossing the line when serving, hitting outside of the antennas, hitting the ball 4 times on your side, crossing the dividing line under the net, being out of rotation, touching the net, and causing backspin when you set the ball...there are alot more penalties than most people think!!

Volleyball best height to weight indicators?

It is usually when it hits any where besides your arms!!

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