Am I supppose to be MAD?

i have a right to be angry and pissed off.i go to practice everyday and try my best.i know i cant serve well but still she should put me in the i had a game and my coach didnt let me play. we lost the game then she decided to play a game for fun. thats when she put me that time i was furious and didnt want to play. so when she put me in the ball went under a table so i went to go get it and she took me out becuz i took to long getting the ball.thats a total lie because i was running.fumes were going out of my head but still i maintaned my cool.then when it was over she said that i didnt serve good that i wasnt paying that time i had a pissed off look on my face so she asked if i had a problem and i said no.but truly i felt like i wasnt good enough to be on the team that i shouldnt be wearing that uniform and just quit.if im wearing that uniform i better not be on the bench seeing everyone else play.maybe i dont have a right to be angry but i am is this ok?


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go to your coach and ask her to help you work on your serves... this will do two things.

1. it will help you improve your serves

2. it will show her you are trying to learn and become a better player

do this and your game will not only improve but so will your amount of playing time

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you should be mad, if you went through the trouble to sign up and try out you should be able to play especially if u try hard in practice! you need to talk to "her" and ask y u never get to play!

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Never get mad it will only make it harder on you calmly talk to her alone and tell her you may not be the best player but you would like a Chance that is why you tried out for the team its also why see took you its not always about winning at least that's what they teach us NEVER QUITE THEN SHE WINS good luck to hope this will help

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angry; pissed off; still she put you in; furious; ball went under the table; running fumes; problem- no; supposed to be mad;
- would you mind elaborating a little bit more for better comprehension of the situation?

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yes, it's okay to be mad I was in the same vote and my coach won't play me but I don't think u should quit maybe mext game she'll put you in the game.

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I think that you need to go see your coach either before or after practice and ask her specifically why she does not play you in games. If she says you need to improve your skills, then ask her what skills and what you can do to improve them.

You have all the right in the world to be upset about not being played in the games. But when you go speak to your coach you need to be sincere and calm. You need to tell her how you feel (using words like frustrated and upset, not words like pissed off, mad, etc.).

Whatever you do, do not quit. Give it your all and improve your skills. Maybe you will have a different coach next year and if you quit now you may never improve!

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Okay so go back to the drawing board. Start working on your serves and start stepping up and makeing sure the ball doesnt drop at all in practice. Give a willing and understanding. I am a coach of Volleyball and we don't usually pick on someone and say your benched for no reason. The best thing you can do is check your attitude in the door and treat the sport like you would school work. Ask questions when you dont understand and continue just working hard. Pay attention call the ball and just keep playing.

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no you shouldn't be mad, she did give you a chance to play when she put you to play in the last game. When i started palying i never went in unless it was either the last three points or during practice. She probably doesn't think that you are ready and it would be worse that you go in and your spirits gets broken and lose interst in playing. You must not be that great because serving is the easiest thing in volleyball, so don't complain because maybe you are just looking at the bad things without considering how you played. how long could it had taken to get a ball, maybe you jogged to it. you need to show her that you want to play and show your emotions that way she knows you mean it.

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you do have a right to be mad. But Your taking the sport to serious . I'm sure if you practice more on your serving and just enjoy every time your playing v-ball. I once had that same situation but the next year got a lot more playing time. Every one is not perfect so just give it your all. Just dint quite because its a good opportunity to make new friends and just have a way to have fun. Just remember you might no Tobe the very best at volley ball but you problem have a lot of other equalities that your great at.

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of course ur gonna b mad... obviously u wer good enough to make the team... DO NOT QUIT THE TEAM!!!!! thats what she wants you to do...-get discouraged and give up. DONT! ps- go to and search "how to overhand volleyball serve" that helped me alot

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