Are backboards good practicefor a tennis beginner.?


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Best practice you can get.

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They are good because it is like playing with an imaginary person who will always return the ball, you don't have to get frustrated that your practice buddy is hitting everything long and into the net.

But of course the flip side of that is you are just practicing your forehand and backhand, you don't have the experience of reacting to where someone hits the ball.

It's good practice, but don't neglect hitting with real people and playing actual games.

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A good backboard is great practice for a beginner. A mediocre backboard can also provide decent tennis practice, but it will be a lot more frustrating.
The problem with most backboards is that they're much too small for beginners, who end up hitting the ball over every few minutes. Depending on how many balls you have and what's on the other side of the backboard, you can end up spending half your time retrieving balls.
If you lack a good backboard in your area, try to find a nice, high brick or concrete wall (with no windows!) facing a parking lot. You'll get unpredictable bounces off the rougher surface, but having a few stories of height to hit against will often be worth it. Avoid one-story buildings with flat roofs, though, unless you have quite a supply of tennis balls.

How do you...?

they are awesome. every time i am not doing something, im hitting against the wall, whether it be at home or waiting for my turn to practice. i love them to death (better than my real partner lol! )

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