Are ball machines good practice for tennis?


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Ball machines can provide very good practice. They don't care where you hit the ball, so if you're a beginner missing half your shots, you need not worry about failing to give your partner a good game.
The predictability of a ball machine is both an advantage and a potential disadvantage. If you need to groove a stroke, the repetition of a consistent feed is just the ticket, but you have to be careful to avoid the lazy footwork that can easily result from knowing where the ball will be.
Ball machines range from inexpensive, tiny, battery-powered units that pop out a short, soft feed to near cyborgs that can generate almost any speed, spin, and placement pattern you could want

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any pratice is good pratice

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Actually, they are extremely helpful. They are able to produce random shots with varying force to keep your stroke consistent and using the same swing every time.

I also found them to last longer than a tennis partner! :)

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Like the other people who answered your question...Yes. The machines are good to practice your BASIC strokes. Practice your forehand and backhand well. You can never find any other way to practice with without complaining. However, the machine will not give you a ball that has spin on it or looping and other special shots you see the professionals do. It will not return a slice shot or drop shots back at you either. Those are stuff you can only get when you play someone. But as long as you have the basics down, you should be able to handle them.

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Yes! Ball machines are a very good practice for Tennis.

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i personally find them a waste. they are too easy and dont really help you improve if you have ever picked a raquet up before.

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they are very good

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