Any one know who this is?

Question:"I play tennis and I'm short. I grunt a lot and give Dani's cousin a little "erection". I won Wimbledon. "

My friend told me this and I have no idea who it is and she won't tell me. Its driving my crazy.


Best shot makers?

Maria Sharapova

I'm looking for a good racquet? (Read this plz)?

Monica Seles

Has there been a female with a nicer butt than serena williams in womens tennis?

probly roger federer... he's the only one that's won the last 3 years...

Whats a break point in tennis?


Who is gonna win the Australian open tonight,m.sharapova or s.williams?

i think it is maria sharapova of russian because she did win wimbledeon in 2004 and grunt alot while playing but i dont know about a cousin i am sorry

Who is the youngest tennis player to have won the US Open?

Nadal grunts a lot.
Monica selles grunts even more.
Maria Sharprova grunts are annoying. so I don't know

Where can you watch tennis game?

mauresmo won this year

Can women play on the ATP tour?

sharapovsa is over 6 feet tall, hard to think of her as short. the only female player to win in recent history that might be labled "short" would be vera zevronareva. she won the mixed this year, is 5 foot 7 or so, attractive. i think that her and hingis are the only female players under 5'8" and capable of giving dani's cousin a thrill, to win anything at wimbledon in probably 20 years or more.

I am a new tennis player, and whenever I try to hit a forehand it always hits the net. Why does this happen?

it cant be sharapova cuz sharapova isnt short...shes like 6'3" or somethin

Who do you think will win Roland Gaross?

My guess would be Martina Hingis. Some others grunt more, but not too many short Wimbledon winners.

Is Canas the real deal?

i think it is monica seles.she was the only short player in those days.all the current players are tall

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