Are the stadiums at Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and French Open only used once a year?


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No, the courts are used for the tournament and then after that the public can use them if they are a member of the club that owns them. I went to New York where they hold the US Open and that is just like a park and I just walked all around that and even went inside Aurthur Ash Stadium.

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um...i think that the wimbeldon courts are like a club. i'm sure they clean it up and fix up the courts and all but it's more like those tennis club settings.maybe.

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Umm I don't know about the other 3, but Wimbledon yeah. I was there last year and man you had to see how they work the courts out after a year of growing the grass on it and making it ready for the tournament :)

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The All England Club is where Wimbledon is played and it is used. The others I'm not sure. Grass is the hardest court to keep good. I'm sure that they are all used publicly or in a club.

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Wimbledon is a working club, except for Centre Court and Court 1 - those are show courts only.

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no. wimbildon is going to be used for the London olympics. and It's the All England Club. so presumably the members get to play there although I'm not sure about center court.

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Obiously, you can't play on centre and court 1 at Wimbledon- I dont' know about Aussie and French, but I am told that the US Open grounds are open to the public.

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