I have to play a retriever tomorrow morning. How should I try to beat her?

I play tennis and I'm playing a girl's 14 tournament. I want 2 know how I should try 2 beat this girl who just runs down everything. Please write down your thoughts. Please have them down by 10:30 a.m.


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If you are an attacking player, taking the net is a great idea. If you are not comfortable at net, this strategy will not work. Instead, you need to draw your opponent to the net. Retrievers love to camp at the baseline – they can run all day and frustrate you. Short angle slices will draw the baseliner to the net, and to their most uncomfortable place on the court. You just need to be comfortable with the passing shot. Good luck with the match.

They say u should hit a tennis stroke with a racquet, fae perpendicular to the ground to get top spin.how?

Just keep pushing back...tomorrows tourny is all about who can get the ball in the most... use different rythms and do not give her a proper warm-up, you go warm up b4 the tourny

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"do not give her a proper warm-up" is just being unsportsmanlike.

Get to the net, then you will be able to generate angles that won't matter how fast she is.

Also one thing I have found over the years is players who hit really good running groundstrokes can often be jammed up by serving into the body.

Good luck in the match.

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If she wants to retrieve everything, make her run. You have to be very patient, and except long rallies. Just hit side to side, deep and also with sharp angles. A good combination is a low short ball to her backhand, followed by a lob that lands in her forehand corner. Whatever you do don't get impatient and try to rush, just keep her running the whole match.

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Patience!! thats the biggest thing you need. you need to be patient and play the point out. make sure you run her around and don't go for winners, just make her move. Expect to be out there for a while. If you have a good net game work your way up to the net on short balls. A lot of retrievers slice their back hand, especially on the run. If you see your opponent is on the run to her back hand, make your way to the net for a easy volley. A lot of players who hit well on the run sometimes get jammed when balls are hit right at them. There not used to it since everybody is always hitting away form them. Just mix your game up, go to the net when you can. Don't force anything, play with in yourself and most importantly, keep the ball in and be patient.

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1. be a fighter - even if your down 4-0, always fight
2. be consistent - wait for her to make an error
3. move her - make her run then when you have a chance, go for a winner
4. hit the ball hard and deep
good luck on your match!!

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Since she likes to run everything down, make her move all over the place at some point she'll get tired. You have to be consistent to be able to do that. Goodluck!

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